Since 1993

To live a purpose-driven life fulfilling through wholistic wellness in all areas of life, and ensure that other people don't die with their music still in them, but add ZEST to their extended lives instead, like we have!
We're a TEAM, and we're together in this, with YOU ... in the trenches, and making fitness FUN  - because let's face it ... otherwise why do any of it?!!! We preach fun here, and even do cartwheels to back it up,  to celebrate your successes!
Just a couple of grandparents out to defy aging through Fitness & Nutrition, and all aspects of life that make us whole, as human beings! Therefore, we include fitness in our everyday lives - but because there's so many OTHER things that we all want to be doing with our zest-filled lives, our approach is as follows ...
* GET IN, GET 'ER DONE, GET ON WITH LIFE ... WITHOUT deprivation (translation - we workout to be healthy grandparents, but we like wine & chocolate)
* TO BE ALL INCLUSIVE - everyone is deserving of wellness, on their own terms ... wanna' workout in a zebra print unitard, and put an umbrella in your pre-workout, while listening to gangsta' rap, in red high heels for your warm-up routine? GO for it - there's no judging here.
* KEEP IT REAL - Navy Seal training, and boot camp type groups are for the "other" guys, & you'll never see one of our peer-support groups called a "boot camp" - personally, I despise the images the term, "boot camp", conjures up in your mind. But because we DO want you to be able to get up off a toilet, and not sent to live in a 'home', because you can't,  we practice more of what's become known as 'functional fitness', that readies you for REAL, and "zesty" life
* TO MEET YOU WHEREVER YOU'RE AT CURRENTLY ... and help get you to where YOU want to BE in the future ... not where anyone else has ever led you to believe you 'should' be ... (we're never comparing to anyone but our former selves here)
Still can't quite understand why we're so passionate about it all? It's simple - it's changed our lives, AND the lives of our kids & grandkids, as a result ... because we're convinced that we've found the fountain of youth - just see for yourself, what it'd done for Me personally here:
Show up, Shine, &
Shatter Excuses
Show up, Shine, & Shatter Excuses

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