My Story

A bit of my story, My “WHY” & how I got here!13781812_1283195451705721_1282815173307089093_n

Hubby Jim and I are that sickeningly “in-love” couple in our grandparents phase of life, that drives others crazy! But because we find ourselves at this stage of life without feeling the least bit ‘old’, we now realize that if it’s possible for us, it’s possible to help others get here feeling the same! AND just because we’re grandparents doesn’t mean we need to start acting ‘old’, but can instead, continue exploring new frontiers instead!

It’s entirely possible; AND it’s quite DOABLE to keep on keepin’ on, with a great skill set, tools, hacks, and motivation/inspiration from a group of like-minded people, by being committed to just 2 things …

Two things that at first, sound counter-productive to one another, but work really well together nonetheless …

  1. Never stop learning – be a forever student of life, and anything else that tickles your fancy, living by the mantra that we don’t know everything and never will, and …
  2. Never letting the adult in you take over entirely … always remember to play, and foster the child-like qualities within, that ensure staying OPEN to #1!

People will tell you that in order to be successful at any venture, you first have to discover your “why”, but my journey into the fitness/wellness and coaching world, grew more organically from my decision to lose some weight and get healthier in my lifestyle choices. I joined Beachbody as what was called a “discount” coach (thinking that saving money on my shakes just made sense), and fell deeply in love with absolutely ALL of it from day one – the shakes, the workouts, the community, the motivation, the lifestyle, the fun, the learning, the teamwork, the corporate vision, the CEO, the ethics … literally ALL of it! And through all of it, I discovered my whys (plural) along the way in a more natural way, I guess you could say.

As part of the learning process involved with coaching, I entered into what was for me, a whole new world – the world of personal development. It was here that I discovered what people refer to, as their ‘calling’ … the more ways I learned of, that the leaders I looked up to were able to help people, the more I wanted to do the same. And the more PD I read, listened to, and learned about, the more I wanted! And as cliche as it can sometimes sound, it was thanks to the growth that I experienced through my many sources of PD, that I was successful with losing weight, getting fit, and adopting a growth mindset that’s helped me continue on, with all that I’ve ‘grown into’ since! It’s become my healthy obsession now. My prediction is that I’ll still be asking for my highlighter from the great beyond, actually.

I soon discovered that the more I learned, AND applied what I was learning, to even the smallest of daily tasks, the better I began to feel about myself. And feeling better about yourself leads to feeling better about everything, with reserves of energy, love, and even time, to be able to give to others. It doesn’t take long before those positive vibes spill over into just about every single area of your life, and when they do … you’re truly hooked! What happens from there is pure magic – your self-confidence builds, your relationships improve, your overall health climbs, and your ‘why’ reveals itself to you … at least that’s how it worked for me.

As of this writing, we have a family of 4 boys (now grown men) with families of their own – equalling 9 grandkids, and that’s one of THE biggest WHYs (all caps) that we cold ever dream of having. When you realize for the first time, that all the PD things you’ve learned about; everything from staying active, to how you relate to keen minds hungry for knowledge, how you allow kids to become their own individual people, to what the behaviour is that you’re modelling for them, matters … it’s game over for you. It’s already bigger than you by that point, and you realize in that same instant, that you’d likely do just about anything for them … especially, if it means being a part (however big or small) of the molding of a generation that never need worry about, AND overcome, some of the obstacles and struggles that we’ve dealt with ourselves – health/obesity, self-confidence/lack thereof, mindset, limiting beliefs around having to live an either/or life, etc. The list goes on & on …

I’ll admit right now, that I was NOT always the person I am today, wanting to “show up” in the world, and be a part of the movement toward positive change. But I AM blessed enough to change things now.  See, I was raised with, AND wholeheartedly believed, that it was my lot in life to graduate, take some level of post secondary schooling/training, get a good job, raise a family, pay into a pension, retire, and stick around getting old until you die – the end. I once thought that was all you could expect from life.

But through the course of working pretty hard to lose weight, putting more nutritious food in my mouth, learning via PD, AND the course of life itself, I began to inevitably discover other things too – I wanted more than the blueprint plan I’d been led to believe was what I ‘should’ want, and be satisfied with.

I began to think of the future more than I ever had before, and as I did, the thought of living out my more senior years being unhealthy & shut away in a home, due to health ailments caused by my own lifestyle choices, terrified me. And some may think that a superficial reason to include as a ‘why’ for doing what I do, but I’d argue that it’s not. I want to retain the ability to do as much of my own personal care, in my own home for as long as humanly possible, to ensure I also retain as much of my dignity as possible along with it. And I realize that if that’s my wish, the choices I make NOW have a major determining impact on how that plays out.

With that in mind, we began dreaming again – just like when you’re young and have your whole future ahead of you! We made a bucket list of sorts looking to the future – one with more things in it to look forward to, over and above just a 2-week vacation somewhere once a year ….

We WANT to be the example that our kids & grandkids look up

We WANT to be healthy & fit

We WANT longevity WITH health

We WANT to travel

I WANT to become a public speaker

We WANT to ‘contribute’

We WANT to inspire others

We WANT community

We WANT a legacy worth remembering

But we don’t want to do ANY of it alone, without being able to have other people join in on the fun! And that’s where another ‘why’ comes into play … and it too, is rather self-serving – because it’s a HUGE dopamine ‘hit’ every time you’re able to help someone else reach some of their goals, and be able to live their best life … a fulfilled one!

I firmly believe that each of us possess various different skills, talents, and gifts, and that it’s our obligation to share of them once we figure out what they are – and THAT’S essentially why I do what I do, why I LOVE doing it, and why I’ll always be committed to improving upon the unique skill set that I have … so I can keep learning, keep doing, and keep showing up, and sharing!


The picture above is from July 2015 … I looked at this picture and knew I wasn’t healthy, or happy so I made changes – I didn’t make them alone, and I had help, and because others helped me, I now help others … it really is that simple!

Carrying on …

I worked in purchasing within the corporate world when I thought my lot in life was as I outlined above, then took a hard turn into the health care field (as a Health Care Aide first, then as a Massage Therapist) where I saw the need for fitness & health.

It was in January of 2016 that I became a wellness mentor/health coach with Beachbody, where I’ll likely also be until the day I die, but presently I’m also training to become a certified Life Coach b/c I’ve learned that there’s NO fitness like mental/emotional fitness, and that our physical wellness benefits greatly from getting our lives in order emotionally/mentally first

I won’t pretend that all growth is easy, because the truth is … It’s NOT!

But I CAN tell you it’s absolutely worth it!

My job is to work with you cooperatively to help you figure out what the next best step(s) is/are that will take you from where you are right now, to where you want to be!

My success is in seeing YOUR success

I’ll leave you with one of my very favorite quotes:

“The events of your past are fixed. The meaning of your past is not.” James Clear (author of Atomic Habits)