My Story

My story, My “WHY”, and YOUR reason(s) to choose me!13781812_1283195451705721_1282815173307089093_n

Because Team Thomson Training… Together

Is where latte lovin’, yogi wannabes, & group class haters connect to GET FIT …and take on our next upcoming era of retired life with an unprecedented passion and zeal never before seen!

I’ve always dreamed of owning my own quaint little coffee shop – but I HATE getting up early when for someone else other than myself – I guess I’m obviously a little selfish….so here I sit writing this – in jammies drinking an almond milk latte that I made myself. And as I contemplate life, as we often do when having our morning Java, it occurs to me that I already DO have my dream. I have a “virtual” coffee shop right here where I can connect with friends, and meet new ones, without overhead, staff & pesky picky customers.

I don’t have to get up super early and neither do you. We can gather here and solve all the world’s problems just like we’re used to doing in our local barista bars, except there’s no need for getting dressed in our yoga pants (who do we think we’re kidding doing that anyway), putting on makeup, driving to & from said coffee shop, or paying the exorbitant price for our beloved macchiatos, lattes, cappuccinos, non-fat this, hold the whip that, & caramel whatevers!

Don’t get me wrong, I love heading to town from my little rural routes acreage for a latte but unless you’re independently wealthy it becomes cost prohibitive to do so on a daily basis. So unless I’m already going to the big “city lights” for another reason – like going to check on my aging Mom, and run errands for myself or them, it’s way simpler (& more cost effective) to “hook up” here with you.

Who says a little farm girl’s dream of having her own coffee shop can’t come true?! And why wouldn’t it make sense to have a latte lover’s paradise from home when that’s where I do everything else. If I can do a workout from home and have success with getting fit doing that, for all the very same reasons why on earth wouldn’t I tie the two together.  After all, my retirement will take some planning & multi-tasking is what we do best!

In fact if I fill in the blanks of the same paragraph above, using my virtual gym example it’s exactly the same:


I don’t have to get up super early to head to a gym & neither do you – my workout can be done at anytime during my day that I can best squeeze it in effectively. We can gather here together in front of our laptops, phones, iPads, etc. and solve our fitness problems. No need to wear the “latest” fad gear, or put on makeup for whoever we think we may run into at the gym only to be body-shamed once there, no need to drive anywhere, and oh ya… the BIG one – no exorbitant price for a gym membership, personal trainers, lockers,  or parking, etc etc. Now right there I’ve saved $$$ that can better be put toward an RSP – Bazinga!

Now I know exactly what you’re thinking because I’ve thought the very same. We are the sandwich generation that’s survived Jane Fonda, Suzanne Somers, & Kate Smith in neon unitards, using odd gadgets and high-impact workouts, after all. And that’s not to mention the MLM/direct marketing “schemes” that had our parents’ ole station wagon piled high with boxes of soap (you know the one), and various other “get rich”, “get fit” fiascos. So let’s get real. Since we’ve been there, done that, you can’t blame us for being cynical… our past experience dictates that we need to be. And as one skeptic to another, I can tell you that I’m not inclined to jump in whole-hog (farm girl) on anything until it’s been proven to me first!

So when we’re doing our life’s contemplation over our cup of “Joe” and realize that though we’re at home doing most of our  so-called “connecting”, we WANT to fit in with the rest of society (& yes that’s the truth behind wearing our yoga pants in public) – and of course we would want that; everyone does! We also realize that we’re part of something bigger and have a POV like no other generation before us.  We NEED to take action; action that will shake us out of our complacency and inactivity that’s creating our generation’s obesity epidemic. We want to be the example that our kids live by, so we WANT to be fit. We WANT to be healthy. We WANT longevity & the ability to play with grandkids, etc. At least that’s why I personally have chosen to coach with Beachbody; working from home – that and I REALLY like wearing jammies at home; something often frowned upon when out at the local coffee shop, and I’d dearly love to improve on my hobby golf game! I have a friend much my senior that I’d sure like to beat at least once before our golfing days are over for good!

That’s why “Team Thomson Training” (that’d be me) promises to meet your personal fitness needs; meaning I’ll meet you right where you’re at, wherever that may be along your fitness journey. I promise to always endeavor to include humor (usually directed at myself; I also grew being a HUGE Carol Burnett fan) anytime I can; likely with a dab of sarcasm; as laughter truly is the best medicine and mental fitness is the VERY best kind of health. And our generation takes themselves far too seriously (my personal opinion).

I also promise that I will offer you support with any area of difficulty for you; because trust me if there’s a difficult move/exercise in any fitness program, I can guarantee you I’ve put the Tracey “clutz” touches on it, and likely learned from it. And if there’s any tips and/or tricks, be they small or monumental that I’ve learned for nutrition hacks, I promise to pass them along because as you’ve probably gleaned by now, I LOVE shortcuts!

And when you message me and say, “I just can’t workout today – my Mom/Dad needs me for ______ (fill in the blank with whichever demand suits the day), or because my son/daughter had a broken heart needing mended today” etc. trust me when I say… I GET it! I’ll be there for you when you come back, and ready to start along with you all over again – because that’s what our Sandwich Generation does, and does well. We “cover” whatever the crisis happens to be on any given day, and just keep our chin up and keep going. I promise patience above all else. I’m certain that it’s my biggest lesson learned to date and a big part of why I’m here on the planet… to practice it!

So why would you trust me over the plethora of trained professionals out there?

Because I’m average; just like John or Jane Doe, and because of what I’m NOT – I’m not a muscle headed gym rat, or a bikini model, nor do I ever aspire to be.  Like you, I just want to be healthy & FIT. And because I won’t promise you anything that’s not truly doable. I’m not selling some gimmicky gadget that makes false promises and gives false hope. I WILL tell you the truth and that some sweat equity will definitely be required. And now that I’ve tried & failed at numerous fad “widgets du jour”, and come full circle, due to making many mistakes in my 49 years (something I’m sure I will continue to do), I’ve learned valuable life lessons, and I believe in paying it forward in the form of sharing those life lessons with you.

And secondary to the above, because like so many others, I’ve struggled with self-esteem since I was a child and consequently developed a great sense of humor as a survival mechanism; something else I’ll share with you.



July 2015 … I looked at this picture and knew I wasn’t healthy, or happy with my level (or lack thereof) of fitness

I’ve worked both

within the corporate & health care field (as a Health Care Aide and as a Massage Therapist that’s worked on more than just a few rotator cuff injuries) and seen firsthand just WHY we need to address our sandwich generation’s need for fitness, without further delay. And probably above all that, because I’ve felt the hopelessness of struggling for years with weight issues, and have finally crested that peak, to now enjoy the euphoria of finally conquering it!  Now I want to help others the way they’ve helped me – by giving you that same safe, supportive environment in which to be successful, one small, baby step at a time.

I can get you set up for success built & achieved by starting simply and put more plainly… by simply starting… today. It’s never too late to start. I’m proof of that in better health today at 49, than I was in my 20s. And the other half of “Team Thomson”, my fit, fab, fifty-something hubby Jim can honestly say the same.

We understand the very things that present difficulties along any fitness journey; we faced all the same issues:

  • Time
  • Space
  • Money
  • Magnitude of the change required
  • Physical limitations
  • Feel the panic of knowing we’ve reached “crunch” time

And because we (Jim & I) understand (because like I already stated; we’re average) we can match you up to the program that would be best tailored to your individual needs/interests, advise which exercise modifications may suit you best, show you your starting point; which aspect of your journey to tackle first, and direct you in the best direction for moving forward.


“Where latte lovers, yogi wannabes, and group class haters unite to get fit;

Actualizing YOUR best self to put “out there” by building inner successes “at home, and from within” and I’ll be right along with ya’ showing off those sweaty selfies and …

“Doing my best, and forgetting the rest” Tony Horton


Post workout “glow”! 



Oct. 12/2016

The girl up above in the July 2015 picture, couldn’t hold a forearm plant for even 45 seconds, let alone 2 Minutes!

My success can be YOUR success too – it’s a continual work in progress every day I keep pushing “Play”, & every day I workout is more Progress!