Edmonton Western Conference – Oct. 29/2016

‘Twas the night before Conference & all through our house
Excitement kept building –
No goblin dared douse!

The Shake-O mixed up, & packed with great care
Now just to decide …
Oh, what do we wear?

I try, mostly in vain, to “just go to bed”
But visions of Gorilla crawls dance in my head
For tomorrow we meet the great Mr. T.H
And wonder I do, if he’ll speak of his age?

Do I have enough room on my phone left for pics?
A bucket list check …
A dream come true!
OMGosh though I think, am I ready for this?

A VIP tic assures great seats for the show
But will my workout performance stack up with this Pro?
Never – but I’ve learned from Dear Tony to just do my best
& what? … Forrrrr-getttttt the rest!

Attending with hubby & challenger great
I know this Saturday well worth its wait.
I’ve practiced my P90 moves and know them by heart
Now which will he choose and where will he start?

Perhaps a pterodactyl backing out from the gate?
A “gap jump” move? I hope no mountain squats that I hate!
To the top of the moves he’ll shout, “Now jump for that ball”
And dash away, dash away, we’ll dash away all!

No doubt he’ll share wisecracks and wisdom galore
With our Edmonton group, with sweat on the floor
So bring your notebook & have pencil in hand
Cause it’s Tony!!!! Legend, myth … THE man!

Not chubby, nor plump – he’s still a right jolly elf
And I KNOW that I’ll laugh in spite of myself!
A wink of his eye & “Get Some” he said …
Makes me think, … wait … there’s more left to dread!

He’ll spring to the stage & I’ll rise to my feet
For a dream has come true – this guy to meet
Not Christmas morning, but it may as well be …
For a gift of this nature means MILLIONS to ME!

Welcome to Canada & Welcome to Edmonton
Mr. Tony Horton!!!