And you probably know what it is … but the Tech Challenged one here is me, and I’m ALWAYS asking some really insane questions when it comes to anything “tech” … so …

There really CAN be stupid questions – but …

For me, my Blog is my platform where someone (me) who’s always dreamed of being able to yak about things important to them, lets it all out, in hopes that someone out there finds at least some of it entertaining, useful and/or helpful to them!

So welcome to my virtual coffee shop and gym where you can sit and enjoy your latte just the way you like it and not be harassed by any annoying people that might be present in a real gym – and yet, you can still get results like you’re looking for!

No driving

No HUGE time commitment

No big investment

No equipment to figure out

No personal trainers necessary &


As long as you’ll be willing to put in a little sweat equity, you’ll see results and realize that it is indeed possible get fit from home, with as little as 20 min/day.

There’s a workout that’ll suit even those that HATE to exercise and I’ll always be here to help you navigate the functional fitness world – fitness for the real world; always evolving, never dull and having an entertaining fitness journey where you have more good days than bad, and a world where progress is the goal & not perfection!

Perfection’s dull and waaaaaaaaay overrated