Struggles Sandwich Gen Xr’s Face

Struggles Sandwich Gen Xr’s Face


As if I needed a reminder as to WHY I love my Beachbody at-home workouts & also my Shakeology, I was sure given one this past week.  Let me tell you about this Sandwich Generation girl’s past 5-6 days’ experience(s).

We’ll start with Wednesday because that’s the day I had driven my Mom into the city for her CAT scan colonoscopy (supposed to be less invasive… I couldn’t say one way or the other as it wasn’t me being invaded & because I never asked!) I’d done my workout earlier that morning, so I myself was feeling quite accomplished & thank God I had, because my day was about to explode and I’d have never fit it in if I’d pushed the workout off, or relied on getting to a gym.

I was sitting in the hospital waiting room while she was undergoing her testing, when I received a call on my phone from a friend. I really should mention that this friend is more like a 2nd Dad to me. In my HCA days of doing home care I’d taken care of his wife that sadly passed a few years ago due to complications associated with her MS. So he’s a widower and lives alone & I spend every Monday with him playing crib or scratch golfing on the nice summer days. Suffice to say he’s “family” to me! So carrying on…

He calls me and says, and I quote, “I think I’m having a heart attack. I’ve called the ambulance & they’re on their way”. Well, holy $___Balls!  Needless to say I didn’t really know what to do – after all, I still had to wait for my own Mom to be finished before I could be rushing off to another hospital. So thankfully, I was able to get a hold of hubby & relay the info to him so he could go over and take care of my “pseudo-Dad”s dog at least, and also very thankfully, my Mom came walking down the hallway in a matter of minutes too… looking relatively unscathed I might add – whew!

So off we flew. I dropped my Mom off at her place and turned right around and headed to another hospital in the city where they’d taken him. And this my friends is where the Shakeology comes in. I’d of course already packed it up in my cooler that I now take with me everywhere because it’s my “fast food” on the go ALWAYS! So on the way to the hospital I had the chance to actually take in my nutritious meal and not deprive myself, and not be tempted later, to grab some high-calorie, greasy, “typical” fast food loaded with preservatives and emptiness, like I would have done in days gone by! I would have surely have given in to that during a stressful afternoon of waiting in what I like to call the “old days” now. I was finally allowed in to see him and again I was extremely grateful for that. He hadn’t suffered any damage to his heart, but had undergone the procedure to have 2 stents put in. His RHS main artery was 100% blocked!

Came home… finally, and other than feeling emotionally drained I felt physically fine – so again, I really need to give a “shout out” to Beachbody, their programs and their fabulous Shakeology that I credit for keeping me functioning!

Next morning rolls around and I get a phone call from my Mom. She says that she’s had a pretty bad night with my Dad (the real one this time). Now keep in mind that she’s 87 and he’s 94 – are you seeing now why I want to push off the aging process and retain as much health for my “golden” years as humanly possible, and why planning for my retirement is SO important? It could very well be a long stretch of time!

She relays to me that my Dad had a fall, and was up every hour on the hour to use the bathroom thereafter, & of course needed help each time because he’d now gotten so weak that he couldn’t stand up on his own. She tells me that she’s making arrangements for him to be picked up by ambulance and taken to yet a 3rd hospital & that he’ll likely stay there and end his worldly journey from there.

Now please don’t throw any pity party here. Our family has been preparing for this phone call for quite some time and honestly, we don’t want to see him suffering (not to mention my Mom’s caregiver health) longer than necessary. He has a fairly poor quality of health right now with numerous health concerns.

So ask me what I did and what outlet I turned to immediately… go ahead and ask! I went and did a 22 Minute workout right away. I wasn’t able to think about all the things going on while doing burpees or I’d have fallen on my face & I was able to release some badly needed endorphins! I knew I couldn’t be of any help if I rushed in anyway. So I did my workout, mixed my Shakeology and was back enroute to the 3rd hospital in only 2 days. As it happened, I was able to see my Dad as they were taking him away to the hospital before they admitted him & that too was a blessing.

So now let’s recap:

Dad in hospital, Mom alone at home, and pseudo-Dad in another hospital (where I also later visited later on Thursday to take him some things from his place after we’d gotten my Dad settled)

Friday morning:

I actually stayed home and got some things accomplished while my mind went squirrely all day… EXCEPT for the 22 minutes I did my Hard Corps workout! It has truly been my saviour these past few days and I’ve only realized it now.

And during the weekend, we got my pseudo-Dad home and settled and reunited with his dog who’d been staying here with us, and also had a good visit with my Dad, & relieved our minds to see that he’s  accepting where he’s at, and what’s to come.

I tell you all this not for sympathy, but to enlighten you as to what the physical workouts, and the Shakeology taken internally, can do for you. I truly don’t think I’d have managed to have taken on as much as I did this weekend (I only shared the highlights here) if I hadn’t been getting myself into shape and fortifying with the Shakeology. And I didn’t even realize the difference until after the last few days were all over with. But now that I’ve had a breather and time to reflect some, I see it.

The struggles that I’ve shared here with you are the very real and are the same ones that you, as fellow “Sandwich Generation – Gen Xr’s” also face and I know it; so that puts me in the perfect place to relate to your roadblocks.

Make that latte, care Americano, Frappuccino, coffee for yourself just the way you like it (hold the whip though please), take a deep breath, sit down and read through this and then let me help you reach your goals; whatever they may be. God knows I sure didn’t skip out on my almond milk lattes (my personal fave) this weekend!

There is no need for anyone out there to do this alone, or without their favorite cup of java. We can do it together and we’ve got a program that just right for you; I guarantee it with BB having everything from the “10 Minute Trainer” right up to “P90X” and “Insanity”! And the nutrition and science behind the Shakeology – don’t even get me started talking about that… I’ll NEVER shut up!

You can check it out for yourself instead though: