What IS a Challenge Group

It’s a private Facebook Group where I take on the role of “coach” using Facebook (and a Beachbody APP for tracking progress) as a forum to post every day, for the purpose of having a small, like-minded group of people, all coming together in a safe, non-judgmental, safe environment in which we can all gain support, encouragement & accountability from one another (and of course, from me), in order to reach  our common health and wellness goals together … whatever they may be!



Most commonly it’s used for a period of 21 – 30 days to establish some healthy lifestyle habits and choices, in order to help us all achieve our goals and enjoy healthy fulfilling lives!

And here’s a sample of a post you’re likely to see while in a CG (Challenge Group)


day-10-sample-post                 water-intake-chart-sample-for-ttt-website

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teamthomsontraining@gmail.com for more information!

or simply check out this link:  What exactly IS a challenge group!